One of the most rewarding aspects of Dentistry is the great feedback we get from our patients.

“I went to …dental because it was cheaper, now I am back and I will never leave your office again     Milena F.

“Thank you for pulling out my teeth! You really helped me out a lot and I think you are a very sunny dentist!” –Morgan H., 11yrs old.

“Dr. Maria, Thanks for taking such great care of Olivia and me. We appreciate the warmth of your spirit as well as your professional skills.”– Lisa D.

“Dr. Freitas, I will always remember your thoughtfulness! You considered my extenuating circumstances, and you helped me around them throughout the procedure. As a result, that experience was so positive, that I can think about you with warmth – and no fear. And in so doing, you have helped me make a huge leap in my healing process. You are truly a ‘bright star’ and something like a guardian angel among health practitioners.”– Debbi H.

Dr. Freitas and staff, Thank you for the wonderful dental care you have provided me over the past few years. Iam very grateful and appreciative of your professionalism, honest care, and expertise; and for helping me maintain a healthy smile.”– Connie L.